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Since I moved to Malibu in 1999 I had a strong feeling of getting involved with the community. By expressing that feeling to friends and neighbors, they responded by suggesting that I should teach and pass along my experience to the individuals interested in learning. I contacted the director of the music program at the Malibu High School and he recommended my services to different people. The rest came as a word of mouth between parents and students. The result has been very much incredible. In some cases I felt like the extra nanny that was needed to keep the children busy and out of trouble, but in many more cases I found myself being a witness to the understanding and the joy that learning brings to a person, no matter what age.

Following, you will read about the core elements of my own experience with music.


An Invitation

An introduction to music is an invitation.
An invitation, a note we received, inviting us to go on a journey, to the vast realms of our own life. Who sends the invitation? We do, and we are the ones who also receive it, maybe courtesy of the beloved, Nature, Life's Passion or maybe all of them together. It does not matter. Let's take the invitation and go for it.

Let the imagination paint a landscape in your heart, where music lives.

It is very possible that we could find a place where there is a huge ballroom.
There, music dwells and breathes the sweet and warm breeze of life (Rite of Spring comes to mind).
Of course the gardens are nothing short of fantastic and the lighting superb. It seems like the Earth and the Sun are dancing to Debussy.

There are certain doors to go into this ballroom, they are called instruments and they come in an incredible array of shapes and colors. It's been said that if one wishes to find the key to those doors, one must play that instrument, with the purpose of finding that particular note that will lead us inside the ballroom with a simple dance.

Groove comes to mind, without being defined by numbers but with a pulse just like ours, beating life into the symphony of life. There is always a groove behind a smile and there is always a smile kissing a groove.
Melody follows, sometimes as a single line and sometimes as many voices in harmony and they come to color the canvas like a delicate and ultimate Impressionist. There are two pathways into the ball room, open and full of light and with everything provided for the walk, magic carpets, paper and pen. I would like to introduce them to you in a sequence of chronological priorities.

From a personal point of view, the first pathway, is the Heart, a fountain of feeling, the source of the beat and then, the second pathway, the mind, the intellect as a close friend of the beat that came to witness and document this amazingly simple and daily event happening in music's ballroom. We take the walk and the result is Joy of the purest kind and with it, the Clarity and Awareness of the moment called "now". That's when the dance really starts, now.

So here we are, considering the invitation, sometimes with hope and excitement and sometimes with a bit of fear and hesitation, distracted by other worries. Never the less, I personally feel that is worth accepting it. There is nothing to loose, if you can't dance you can sit and enjoy listening and if you can't enjoy listening, well maybe is better to find something else to do.

If you feel that the invitation is for you, embrace it with your Heart's arms and start the walk.

In other words, let's play...

The Foundation

From my own visits to Music, I have learned a few things that I would like to share with you. Our bodies are instruments too and we need to learn how to play them in order to get the most out of the guitar or the bass in this case as well, with minimum effort and maximum results. It is very important to know that we are the first ones to listen to the music we play, so let us realize that we are the artists and the audience at the same time and let us enjoy such time.

I always bring forth the fact that sometimes things are simple but not necessarily easy. It is difficult to be the performer and the audience at the same time, but a student must insist in this double aspect of things and get used to be his or her own audience. Coordination comes into the grand canvas and dictates loud and clear to make a kaleidoscope with our hands, eyes and ears and to let them shape a ritual of synchronicity. Any instrument demands it and at the same time gives us a reason to take good care of those elements.

Coordination is sweet and fundamental. It is very important to pay attention to the body as a whole, staying away as much as possible from fatigue and repeated mistakes. The study of the technique is a lighthouse that is always there to keep us in track and must lead to full consciousness of the fingers.
Even though the exercises only present equations connected with the mechanism of the fingers, we can't forget that they are intended to be solved for the formation of future instrumentalists and that is not only the result of physical effort, but an activity that is ruled by our own superior will.
Technique will always have to be subdued, like a controlled force, docile, flexible and to the service of Music. Mastering the technique is akin to achieving the balance that lets us ride a bicycle without the helping little side wheels.
It becomes what's called "second nature" and it should be like the kind assistant who keeps the magic carpet clean and ready to fly.

My music teacher, Moacir Santos said to me once, that studying music and learning how to play an instrument, is like building a bridge between music and the student. If we could imagine this time that here we are and there is a river and in the other shore of that river, we could find the Music's ballroom, then a bridge comes in handy.
I remember Moacir telling me that sometimes it feels as if we were carrying the stones to build the bridge and the experience could be painful and frustrating, but not necessarily a bad experience.

We have to emphasize that it is very important to work very slow at first in order to facilitate greater concentration and be precise in every movement. This is a key element of the learning process. Once we feel in control of the situation, we can start to increase the speed little by little always keeping mistakes out of the way.

The other extremely important aspect of the studies is to have as much fun as possible. There is a beautiful source of joy in grooves and when we practice and perform an instrument, the freedom that comes from dominating the groove is most enjoyable.

The feeling that emanates from the communion of the artist, the instrument and the music is one of the most magical experiences and a true exponent of the real human potential and to be the performer and the audience of such an instance is not only a gift but also a privilege.
The time invested in such an endeavor becomes a flirt with Life's Passion and the moment called now.
The joy of music is the artist's driving force to keep moving forward and become a master of the instrument.
The exercises that I will be providing are based on time signatures of my choice and their combinations. First we find the pulse, the breath of the rhythm and the one beat that tells us of the beginning of every cycle.

To be continued...


Student's Music - LISTEN HERE



Just a few teaching refernces Eduardo has received:    1. Professor D.E. Bresler

                                                                               2. Malibu High School

                                                                               3. Conrad & Laura Buff

                                                                               4. Carolyn Warren


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