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Eduardo Del Signore /// featuring his students /// ©2003-2007

Here are some samples of music from some of Awesome Blossom School of Music students: Annie, Kyle, Trevor, Nina, David and Jamie. Most of the musical pieces and songs were composed by students, some are interpretations of John Coltrane and J.S. Bach music and some were written in collaboration with Edu.

It is amazing the amount of talent that's been discovered through the years of teaching in Malibu. They are still blossoming here, there and everywhere.

If you'd like to find yourself also listed here, or for further information on guitar, bass, digital recording, production lessons, and/or record production tuition from Eduardo, please email: 
Lessons are available in and around Malibu and Ojai, and also available via Skype upon request (for anyone, anywhere). 

More to come......






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