Ritual - the band

RITUAL, a group of international musicians who share the passion for life and music.

Based in Los Angeles California, musicians Federico Ramos, José Luis Perez, Eduardo Marquez Del Signore, together with the participation of an extraordinary array of very special guests, have assembled a unique collection of Contemporary Music from URUGUAY.

Based on the Afro-Uruguayan rhythms of CANDOMBE, the music of RITUAL has evolved to a unique level of magic and expressive power that has established its own territory within the Universal Palette of creative sound.
For their former CD release PRESENCIA, this ethnicality delivered the group an award from Exitos a specialized publication out of Miami USA, as the best Latin jazz fusion album in the last 6 years.

Utilizing CANDOMBE as language, RITUAL takes the listener through a musical promenade across the shores of URUGUAY, allowing a glimpse into this unusual country and what its talented, sensitive artists have to share with the World.
The picture that the music paints, expresses the never-ending borderline of human uncertainty and fear, reflected on a map of the World.
The message however, is that the presence of love manifests everywhere in every moment and is untouched by the constant changes of such a World.

Finally, as Mr. Jon Anderson (YES) puts it: Whenever I listen to the music of RITUAL, I always feel space and power; even though I'm sitting still, my inner being is moving, and at times flying; open up and listen!



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